a brand new production house

Founded by Corine Meijers in 2019, Studio Biarritz is a brand-new production house that specializes in audiovisual projects that cross borders. Studio Biarritz develops its own projects, but we also love collaborating with filmmakers, artists and partners from all over the world to produce stories with a lot of heart that are relevant for our trying times.

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ARTIFICIO is a short documentary series that reveals the impact artificial intelligence (AI) is having on 4 essential art forms: Literature, Music, Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

Our friendly AI-generated narrator will guide us in discovering the latest stunning AI artwork made by some of the top artists while introducing us to advancements of AI in the arts. The AI-narrator will serve as a commentator, tackling in “plain language” the myths, hopes or fears many of us may have about this revolutionary technology. 


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De Bastaard

The Moroccan-Flemish author and actor Rashif El Kaoui is struggling with his bicultural identity. His friend, Turkish-Dutch photographer Ahmet Polat, recognises his urgent need to free himself. He follows Rashif on his journey to find redemption.

Rashif (1988) is the result of a love affair between his Belgian mother and Moroccan father and was to lead to the break-up of that relationship one year later. As Rashif has it, his father had persuaded himself that he was ready to have children, but his behaviour suggested otherwise. His mother took baby Rashif in her arms and left the Kraaienbos neighbourhood of Beringen, Flanders.

De Bastaard (Dutch working title) is a ‘road-movie’ style documentary by photographer Ahmet Polat.

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Floating with Spirits

Two little sisters prepare for the Day of the Dead with their shaman grandmother in the mystic mountains of Mexico. The spirits of nature and their ancestors surround them, transporting us into their magical world in this cinematic hybrid VR experience.

This cinematic and hybrid VR project follows 2 young indigenous sisters in the mystic mountains of Mexico. Together with their shaman granny they explore the cosmogony of their ancestors while preparing for the Day of the Dead: a magical experience which gives meaning to the legacy they now must protect. 

Written and directed by Juanita Onzaga,
a production of Cassette for timescapes (BE).

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Improv Music Collective DNA? AND?

The power of the imagination is arguably the greatest during youth, and Oslo-based collective DNA? AND? bring this notion into play in the most remarkable fashion. Comprised of special needs children and a revolving cast of adult musicians, DNA? AND?’s infectious exchange between carefree improvisation and stark repetition elicits some of the most original music ever produced, impulsive, unfiltered and free.

A music improvisation performance in VR.

By Iris van der Meule en Corine Meijers.
In collaboration with Le Guess Who? festival, Tivoli Vredenburg.

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YOU | ME (in Dutch JIJ | IK) is a split screen film of approximately 20 minutes which confronts the viewer with the impact of freedom on the lives of two women of the same age growing up and living in Rotterdam and Iran. YOU | ME is a poetic piece of social criticism combining choreographed images, fiction and documentary material. Background research for the film involved interviewing a range of women with a variety of backgrounds, including women with dual nationality, on the topics of freedom, feminism, and women’s rights.

By Davy Pieters and Nastaran Razawi Khorasani.

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Good Neighbours

A revealing window into the world of intimate surveillance in neighbourhood communities.

Traversing farmlands, cobbled streets and bustling buroughs, Good Neighbours exposes the world of intimate surveillance in neighbourhood communities. Drawing on personal first-hand accounts from characters in four different cities, this is the story of citizens who watch their streets and each other.At its core Good Neighbours explores the universal human need for safety and togetherness. But it doesn’t always end well.

The viewer is given a glimpse into the darker side of neighbourhood watch groups as psychological and physical violence looms large. Neighbours reveal how they use technology like Nextdoor, WhatsApp and Ring doorbell cameras to patrol their streets, almost like the police. The viewer is confronted with people’s vulnerability and their fear of losing what they have, further exaggerated through their security devices. Ultimately the series poses a number of urgent questions: Why are neighbours so eager to join surveillance groups? Who is a stranger? And what makes them so suspicious? Who decides who belongs to a neighbourhood?

By Natalie Dixon and Klasien van de Zandschulp

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Josephine Baker AR

Josephine Baker AR is a collective installation. Based on original drawings created in Virtual Reality, the experience invites the audience to move through an augmented reality fresco to discover Josephine Baker’s extraordinary life.

Dancer, French resistance fighter, defender of civil rights in America, sexually liberated, loved, betrayed and on the stage until her death. This Augmented Reality experience tells Josephine Baker’s extraordinary life in a virtual fresco. In a space filled with illustrations drawn with Quill, a VR illustration tool, complemented with real objects and a rich soundscape, the audience is free to move through the installation – virtual and real – to immerse itself in the life of the first Black icon.

Written and directed by Benjamin Hoguet.
Illustrations by Guillaume Deloizon.

A production of Seppia Interactive (FR).

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