a brand new production house

Founded by Corine Meijers in 2019, Studio Biarritz is a brand new production house that specializes in audiovisual projects that cross borders. Studio Biarritz develops its own projects, but we also love collaborating with filmmakers, artists and partners from all over the world to produce stories with a lot of heart that are relevant for our trying times.

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Ik ben een bastaard (I am a Bastard)

Special Mention Dutch Movies Matter Competion @ Movies that Matter 2022 (April 8-16 ), as well as a beautiful 3rd place – as part of the audience award!

Flemish writer and playwright Rashif El Kaoui calls himself a bastard, a half-blood, a mongrel. The talented playwright has lived in his mother’s native Flanders his whole life. His Moroccan father left the scene a long time ago, and although Rashif bears his father’s surname, he knows little about his roots. At home in Flanders, Rashif has been fighting prejudice his whole life, even within his immediate family. In the road movie I am a Bastard (Ik ben een bastaard), Rashif goes in search of answers to soothe his struggles with his bi-cultural identity. Director Ahmet Polat recognises Rashif’s need to free himself and follows him in his journey to find redemption.

Ik ben een bastaard (I am a Bastard) is a ‘road-movie’ style documentary by photographer Ahmet Polat.

Ik ben een bastaard is a coproduction with Dutch public broadcaster NTR (Het Uur van de Wolf).

On television on Wednesday April 20
, at 22.30 hrs, NTR – Het Uur van de Wolf / NPO2.
Available online in The Netherlands @ NPO start.

The documentary is part of a larger crossmedia project Wij zijn bastaard (We are Bastard).

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Winner best creative technology award – IDFA Doclab competition / Immersive non-fiction 2021.

Symbiosis be will showcased at Holland Festival in A’dam – June 8-12.

Symbiosis is a performative, multiuser and multisensory VR installation in which the human body will be redesigned. It allows every participant to embody a post-human or even nonhuman reality: a completely symbiotic human-animal or human-technologic relationship. Dutch experience design collective POLYMORF investigates in a speculative way how a more symbiotic exchange of genetic, cultural and technological traits between people and other present or future living entities can increase or change the agency of all. How will such affect future coexistence, legal rights and relationships between humans and all other living entities on a physical, emotional and spiritual level?

Concept, scenario and art direction: Marcel van Brakel
Directed by: Marcel van Brakel and Mark Meeuwenoord

Symbiosis is designed and produced by Polymorf in collaboration with Studio Biarritz.

For more info and the latest news: www.symbiosis.show

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Gay Simulator

‘Gay Simulator’ is an interactive VR experience and video game that introduces you in a poetic way to the world of a lesbian. It is an artistic ode to sexual orientation, love and sexuality with a serious undertone. It portrays the modern forms of discrimination against lesbians. 

It is a playful and humorous experience with a serious message. It holds up a mirror to society to confront them with the ‘invisible’ ways of discrimination and blind spots in our culture. ‘Gay Simulator’ is also about the discovery of your sexuality, self acceptance and being embraced by the love of the queer community. It celebrates diversity and inclusivity. 

By Iris van der Meule

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Floating with Spirits

Two little sisters prepare for the Day of the Dead with their shaman grandmother in the mystic mountains of Mexico. The spirits of nature and their ancestors surround them, transporting us into their magical world in this cinematic hybrid VR experience.

This cinematic and hybrid VR project follows 2 young indigenous sisters in the mystic mountains of Mexico. Together with their shaman granny they explore the cosmogony of their ancestors while preparing for the Day of the Dead: a magical experience which gives meaning to the legacy they now must protect. 

Written and directed by Juanita Onzaga,
a production of Cassette for timescapes (BE).

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Fereshteh’s Beauty Salon

Fereshteh’s Beauty Salon is a short documentary film which confronts the viewer with the impact of freedom on the lives of (Iranian) women living in Iran and NL. Fereshteh’s Beauty Salon is a poetic piece of social criticism combining choreographed images, fiction and documentary material. Background research for the film involved interviewing a range of women with a variety of backgrounds, including women with dual nationality, on the topics of freedom, feminism, and women’s rights.

By Davy Pieters and Nastaran Razawi Khorasani.

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Improv Music Collective DNA? AND?

The power of the imagination is arguably the greatest during youth, and Oslo-based collective DNA? AND? bring this notion into play in the most remarkable fashion. Comprised of special needs children and a revolving cast of adult musicians, DNA? AND?’s infectious exchange between carefree improvisation and stark repetition elicits some of the most original music ever produced, impulsive, unfiltered and free.

A music improvisation performance in VR.

By Iris van der Meule en Corine Meijers.

In collaboration with Le Guess Who? festival, Tivoli Vredenburg.

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The Imaginary Friend