Improv Music Collective DNA? AND?

The power of the imagination is arguably the greatest during youth, and Oslo-based collective DNA? AND? bring this notion into play in the most remarkable fashion. Comprised of special needs children and a revolving cast of adult musicians, DNA? AND?’s infectious exchange between carefree improvisation and stark repetition elicits some of the most original music ever produced, impulsive, unfiltered and free.

‘Love U and dog’ is the working title for this new poetical VR experience, co-created with the members of DNA? AND?.

By Iris van der Meule en Corine Meijers.

Production details:
In collaboration with DNA? AND?
and Le Guess Who? festival Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht.

Country: Norway, The Netherlands
Status: In development, expected in 2022

A music improvisation performance in VR