Floating with Spirits

Two little sisters prepare for the Day of the Dead with their shaman grandmother in the mystic mountains of Mexico.The spirits of nature and their ancestors surround them, transporting us into their magical world in this cinematic hybrid VR experience.

Written and directed by Juanita Onzaga.

In most western cultures, death rituals have become simple funerals, leaving us behind with sad feelings. However, different cultures around the world still believe that death is not the end of life, but rather the continuation of it in a parallel world. The Mazatec say that our deceased loved ones are still present in our world, along with the spirits of nature. 

This cinematic and hybrid VR project follows 2 young indigenous sisters in the mystic mountains of Mexico. Together with their shaman granny they explore the cosmogony of their ancestors while preparing for the Day of the Dead: a magical experience which gives meaning to the legacy they now must protect. 

Floating with Spirits is a poetic experience which aspires to challenge the perception of the viewer, using a combination of 360° documentary footage and technically enhanced, magical layers. 

Production details:
A production of Cassette for timescapes (BE)
in co-production with Tarantula (LU) and Studio Biarritz

Country: Belgium, Mexico, The Netherlands
Status: In production, expected in late 2022 / early 2023
Running time: ’20 minutes

Cinematic, hybrid VR