One Charming Night

Academic Michel, following his research into virtual touch, is taken by the hand of the mystical Puck through their virtual hotel. On each floor, Michel meets new characters who lead him into wandering into the meaning of sexuality and consent in virtual worlds.

In One Charming Night, we follow Michel, an academic researching touch in virtual worlds. Through the gaming platform Discord, he gets in touch with Puck, a mysterious person who eventually agrees to accompany him into the wonderful virtual world that takes the form of a large hotel. Via a lift, Michel travels deeper and deeper into the cellars where he meets a series of characters who all give him more insight into the meaning of connection, sexuality, and consent in virtual worlds. The deeper he goes, however, the more he loses himself in the obsession with touch and has no sense of the boundaries of the other. Eventually, Michel learns to listen back to himself and the other after which, at the end, he surveys all the possible paths where he could travel. It suggests that our choices will determine the future of the medium.

Production details:

Written and directed by Robin Coops
Country: The Netherlands
Running time: 30 mins
Status: in development

A music film, around electronically arranged arias by Purcell, shot in VR Chat.