Josephine Baker AR

Josephine Baker AR is a collective installation. Based on original drawings created in Virtual Reality, the experience invites the audience to move through an augmented reality fresco to discover Josephine Baker’s extraordinary life.

Dancer, French resistance fighter, defender of civil rights in America, sexually liberated, loved, betrayed and on the stage until her death – Josephine Baker’s life was more extraordinary than the heroine of a novel. This experience tells Josephine Baker’s extraordinary life in a virtual fresco. In a space filled with illustrations drawn with Quill, a VR illustration tool, complemented with real objects and a rich soundscape, the audience is free to move through the installation – virtual and real – to immerse itself in the life of Josephine.

Written and directed by Benjamin Hoguet.
Illustrations by Guillaume Deloizon.

The Augmented Reality installation will be accessible via devices such as Hololens or recent versions of mixed lenses. This installation will allow the visitor to walk around freely – and in groups – in a universe that has been created thanks to a Virtual Reality drawing tool, Quill. The immersive and subtly animated drawings are superimposed and blend in with the real scenery objects. A sound creation includes Josephine’s voice (interpreted) as well as a rich soundscape of spatialized sounds, which the public triggers by touching real objects in the set-up.

Production details:
A production of Seppia Interactive (Strasbourg)
In co-production with Sister Productions (Bordeaux) and Studio Biarritz
In collaboration with Indyvideo and Studio APVIS (NL)

Country: France, The Netherlands
Status: In development, expected in 2023

An Illustrated Augmented Reality Installation