Bobby Baxter

Bobby Baxter lives in a dead-end small town with just six inhabitants. When two tourists disturb the peace of the town, a fiendish malice unleashes in Bobby that will spare no one. This hybrid live-action and animation fiction film masterfully blends reality and fantasy, bringing Bobby’s dark transformation to life in a visually stunning and captivating way.

Bobby Baxter is one of six inhabitants of the village of Hamstråden. The other five are the mayor, the dog catcher, the priest, the priest’s wife, and the young woman, Jessica. When two tourists kill the priest’s wife, Bobby Baxter takes revenge.  

Ten years later, the mayor of Hamstråden has a fountain built. This forces all five residents to temporarily stay in a house to give the construction workers a place to sleep. Bobby Baxter gets into a relationship with the young woman and they seal their love with a daughter.  

The dog catcher goes on the run from his increasingly dark thoughts. Four years later, he returns to commit suicide. Not long after, Bobby Baxter murders the young woman in a church and sets the church on fire. This is the start of a series of murders, but it is stopped prematurely by the priest and the mayor working together. Bobby Baxter loses consciousness. 

A dip into the past, fifty years back in time, shows us how the dogcatcher first enters Hamstråden, a village of 290 inhabitants. Taken in by the mayor and his ailing wife, he enjoys a (reasonably) normal existence.
When the mayor’s wife falls seriously ill as a result of dubious treatment with toffees, the toffees fall into the hands of ignorant people and spread across Hamstråden like a plague. The sick woman dies and not long after, most people fall ill. Only four residents manage to escape. They start rebuilding Hamstråden.  

The dogcatcher conceives a son with the priest’s girlfriend. Given away for adoption, this one is named Bobby. The priest conceives a daughter with his girlfriend and names her Jessica.  

We return to the here and now and Bobby, meanwhile, regains consciousness in a basement, where he is held by the priest and the mayor. He begs to be allowed to tell them one last story, after which he will surrender to their judgment.  

In the story that follows, Bobby reflects on his childhood and the entire run-up to this moment and provides psychological parameters for his agony. At the moment when the priest and the mayor are completely carried away by the story, Bobby jumps up, overpowers them both, and escapes from the basement. He takes his little daughter to the top of the tower of the burning church. There, they open themselves to the unknown, ‘the greatest adventure’ and the tower collapses to the ground. 

Production details:

Written by Thomas Dudkiewicz
Directed by Thomas Dudkiewicz & Sergio Gridelli
Country: The Netherlands
Running time: 40-50 mins
Status: in development, expected release in 2025.

A hybrid, partly animated fiction film