Good Neighbours

A revealing window into the world of intimate surveillance in neighbourhood communities.

Traversing farmlands, cobbled streets and bustling buroughs, Good Neighbours exposes the world of intimate surveillance in neighbourhood communities. Drawing on personal first-hand accounts from characters in four different cities, this is the story of citizens who watch their streets and each other. At its core Good Neighbours explores the universal human need for safety and togetherness. But it doesn’t always end well. The viewer is given a glimpse into the darker side of neighbourhood watch groups as psychological and physical violence looms large. Neighbours reveal how they use technology like Nextdoor, WhatsApp and Ring doorbell cameras to patrol their streets, almost like the police. The viewer is confronted with people’s vulnerability and their fear of losing what they have, further exaggerated through their security devices. Ultimately the series poses a number of urgent questions: Why are neighbours so eager to join surveillance groups? Who is a stranger? And what makes them so suspicious? Who decides who belongs to a neighbourhood?

Good neighbours is a documentary with an additional mobile app (already developed) and live performance. The online documentary series presents the stories of neighbourhood communities in a linear format through 4 episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

By Natalie Dixon, Klasien van de Zandschulp and Nirit Peled.

Production details:
In collaboration with affect lab

Country: The Netherlands
Status: In development, expected in 2022
Running time: ’20 / ’25 minutes each