Artificio is a web series that explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of arts.

Recent advances in AI have brought a revolution that affects a wide range of social, cultural and economic aspects in the field of artistic creation. The notion that machines may be creative, opens a new scenario that disrupts our concept of authorship and reshapes the entire business model of our creative industries. The current artistic capabilities of AI systems question everything we took for granted about creativity, a trait that we believed to be exclusively human.

Are we dealing with a new era in which machines and humans will collaborate, or is it rather a replacement of artists by machines?

By Anna Giralt Gris and Jorge Caballero.

Our friendly AI-generated narrator will guide us in discovering the latest stunning AI artwork made by some of the top artists while introducing us to advancements of AI in the arts. The AI-narrator will serve as a commentator, tackling in “plain language” the myths, hopes or fears many of us may have about this revolutionary technology.  
Each episode will be grounded in one distinct source material or support: Images, Sound, Text and Data, and answers one burning question about AI. For instance, “If machines can create creative work,” our narrator wonders, “how will this disrupt the human concept of authorship and self-expression? Could it reshape the business model of our creative industries as we know them?” We can already see how this technology could end up reinforcing society’s own social, ethnic or gender biases, or how art created from data may hinder its own diversity and standardize human aesthetics. 
Travelling to the key hotspots in AI creativity across Europe and North America, Artificio takes us to meet the artists at work as they output some of the most unexpected art pieces of our time.
Viewers will also be able to access an online site where they can experiment with some of the AI systems used by the featured artists and learn how to create their own AI-assisted artwork. They will be able to share their amazing creations over social media and call it their own… But would this automatically make them great artists?

Production details:
In coproduction with Submarine Channel, Faits Divers Media, Cuiba Media, Kloos & CO and Gusano Films

Country: The Netherlands, Canada, Germany and Spain
Status: In development, expected in 2022

Online documentary series
Running time: 4 x 12-15 minutes